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Continue to support FPA’s outreach and services to children and families on our city’s east side.

Breakfast at Front Porch took place on November 1, 2017. Guests heard from about the vital work Front Porch continues to do in Kansas City's eastside neighborhoods. 

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Questions? Contact Front Porch at or 816-921-8812.



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Thank you to our sponsors!


Charlotte and Bruce Davison, Charlotte and John Hall, Lisa and Charlie Schellhorn, Michele and Jim Stowers


Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics, Betty and Jim Crooker, Alicia and Bill Jennings, Liz and Greg Maday, Carol Thane and Robert Martin, MMA, Julie and Sven Skyes


Gail and Bob Arther, Sarah and Jon Baum, Barb and Lynn Brown, Jill and Bill Coughlin, Kim and Ted Higgins, Marilyn and Dave Pattison, Jennifer and Bob Sawyer

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